Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be Mine...

happy almost valentine’s day!
i recently decorated our kitchen's fireplace mantle to celebrate the holiday.   i keep an old wooden crate upside down on top of the mantle, and change the accessories around depending on the season -- or my mood.  if i’m bored around 2 am, well, i might be in the kitchen re-decorating the kitchen mantle.  ridiculous. 
 i know.
i have a few cute valentine’s items to choose from, but this year i decided to display my daughter’s glitter heart she made in first grade, a trio of pale pink hearts i bought last weekend at a beautiful mess (only $1.50!), a copy of an old calling card in a vintage frog, and a new english ivy from trader joe’s. 
but one of my favorite things to do to celebrate a special occasion is to make what i like to call “happy sticks” -- or sweet little signs on little wooden skewers that, when placed in an ivy or a teacup filled with garden roses, make me happy (and hopefully makes my friend who receives one happy too.)   but as i placed the “be mine” sign within the ivy yesterday, i saw something i had never seen before.  

i saw the words “be mine” as an invitation from God. 
“be mine,” He says. 
 sweet.  simple.  sincere.
“be mine.”
“i am," i whisper.
i pray each time you see a valentine’s day card or a little candy heart that reads, “be mine,” you will always be reminded of His invitation.

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Our Home Won an Award!
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