Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let There Be Light...

Ahhh, see that beauty up there?  It just replaced the fan we've had in our bedroom for the past 14 years.  But shhh - don't tell my husband.  He'll probably notice it in about six months. (God bless him --he's not real observant!)  He "thinks" he needs the fan.  He doesn't - he needs the air conditioning.  Trust me, it will not be missed!

But isn't she pretty?  I layed eyes on her last Saturday afternoon.  I stood there, gazing up at her, thinking, "I don't need you.  But I want you.  Badly."

I came home and asked my daughter if she would like a chandelier in her room.  To my amazement without blinking an eye, she said, "Yes."  Well, that just meant a trip back to the store first thing in the morning.  At 9:01 I arrived.  I bought it, rushed home, walked into her room, chandelier in hand, and we both said, "Nope.  Doesn't look good in here."  Bummer.  Now what?  Since it can't be returned, I had to find a place for it.

As I walked down the hall and past my bedroom, I stopped.  I peered in and saw that awful, but familiar fan.  "Wait!  Maybe it can go in here!"  As I stood up on the trunk at the end of my bed, I got this huge Cheshire cat grin.  "Oh, yeah, Momma likes it in here!"  

Good ol' Gregg hung it up yesterday.  I love it!  And guess what, someone by the name of Ed didn't even notice it!  Aren't men funny?

Here are a few of my finds from yesterday.  I had an hour to kill before my treatment, and what better way to waste an hour than to run up to the Salvation Army!  And be still my heart, it was "25% Off Day" to boot!

I have a thing for enamelware.  Found this baby for $5.99, plus 25% off.  I picture it filled to the brim with hot tortellini soup.  Or, knowing me, come summer, filled with white daises in the backyard.  

This Ironstone teapot.  Only $4.99 with 25% off!  
Tea anyone?

My kids and I love having our own carafe of water at dinner time.  These were $1.25 each.  

I had an old chippy chair here for last few years.  One more rain drop, and it's gonna break.  Picked this guy up for $3.75!  Given how heavy it is, I think it can withstand the elements really well.  And I love that it's already black - as it balances out our black shutters from the other side of the house perfectly.

So that's it!  So fun!  I spent a grand total of $21.67 (bought a few things for a friend too).  

Now get out there and be good stewards of your money -- go thrift!


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