Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Four Plus One...

i'm not much of a collector.  i just buy things i love.  though i don't "collect" them, i do love sweet little lamps, small tables, cottage pillows and old frames.  but now i find myself passing up these old loves because i have found a new love... 

the number 5.   

i'm very visual and sentimental.  so i see the number 5 as representing the 4 of us plus God.  hence, my new love for all things 5.

i bought this sweet little creamer yesterday.  as i walked by it, it caught my eye.  do i need another creamer?  nope.  did i need this one?  yep!

our backyard garden is bursting with white impatiens right now.  i just love them tucked inside my special creamer.  (clearly, i love words too.  notice how many words you can see in just this one photo?)  bread, love you, eat.  
maybe a new collection amassing before my eyes?  

i bought this great lamp at target last year.  how could i resist?  it was the last one on the shelf.  i thought i hit the lottery.  i don't think i've ever put anything  in my basket quicker than this baby!  
(i found the wicker shade at a thrift store for $1).

and then i found this little gem in the street in front of our house.
it had my name (i mean my number) written all over it.

 the contents of this little glass dish says to me,
"the key to the circle of life is family plus God." 
i look at it every morning while brushing my teeth.

i recently took a photo of this old curio and sent it to my friend. 
the subject line read, "thank you."
i thanked her for not buying it from my blog sale.  after she decided not to get it, i walked around with it for two hours trying to figure out where i could put it.  
it found its new home right behind my sink.  
i just love the dark wood nestled among all the white.
thank you, marcy!  i owe you one.

so that's my new love for all things 5.
i have a new little design project i hope to work on soon. 
and, yes, it involves the number 5.  
if it goes as planned, and after i hit a few thrift stores, i'll show you the big reveal.

enjoy placing a few things around your home that reminds you of Him.
He makes a house a home!

(the "eat" plaque and number 5 creamer can be found at hootnannyhome.com in westlake village.  if you haven't been, you will love it!  go!)


  1. What a great way to be reminded of God's presence. That's such a cute pitcher too. We are a family of 4 also~I think we need a few things with the No. 5 on them! Thank you Ruthie!!

  2. LOL... when you decide you want to get rid of it, I'm your girl!!! Love your shade on the green Target lamp. I have that lamp too but have never found the right shade! what did they show with it?? and why are you going to Hoot and Annie without me ?? LOL

  3. Oh Ruthie .... I love that lamp!!!! Why didn't I see that at our Target????? LOL.... :) Have a blessed week !!!!!!! ( the message in the little things is always the best !!!)

  4. Awesome! I love your four + one idea. You've made me want to look for things that have the number 6 on them! :)

    Thanks for linking to Grace at Home!

  5. Hi Ruthie!

    Stopping by to say hi and peruse through some of your posts. Love this No 5 and the great items you have throughout your home. I noticed the little book, Jesus Calling by your lamp. One of my daughters just gave me her copy.

    So nice visiting with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine


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