Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank God for Messy Rooms...

if there’s one thing I hate - repeat hate - it's clutter.   it makes me crazy.  it can take my happiness away real quick.  i am working on controlling my need to have everything in its place, but isn’t that why closets, baskets and boxes were invented?  someone please introduce those items to my sweet family.
well, this week i found a bargain that had my son’s name written all over it.  ok, more my name written all over it, but it’s going in his room.
here’s a beautiful photo of his desk.  lovely, isn’t it?  how could he possibly do homework here?

this mom has a real hard time walking by this desk and not screaming, “clean this up!”   why must my sweet boy keep a straw from a root beer he had last month or keep the tag off of a pair of shorts he received last christmas?  think I’m making this stuff up?  look closely -- you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!

but before i show you the next  photo, take a long look at the first photo.  does it bring back memories of your old school desk?  a freighbor (yes, you read that right -- half friend/half neighbor) was giving this desk away many years ago and i had to have it.  but who knew my son would collect brochures from the dry cleaner and need more storage space? 
so after a trip to my local consignment store, i found this beauty...
but where is the desk, you ask?
oh, right here -- tucked inside the armoire.  

isn't it brilliant?  
and the price was even more brilliant.  
just over $100 (plus delivery).

notice the latch inside the door?   
just unhinge this baby and it turns into a desk.

so now when i walk into his room, a little smile comes over my face as there's no clutter to be found -- at least in that corner of the room.  how many armoires can a boy's room have?  seven?  
so the moral of the story is check out your local consignment store.  i was actually running in to see if they had a long, low bookshelf for my husband’s office.  they didn’t.  but boy, did i find some great stuff that i don't have room for.  the owner told me that a lot of home stagers no longer shop there because of the poor housing market so lots of furniture continues to be reduced.  some up to 60%. 
(including my armoire!)  
bad for them, but good for those who need some great buys.
i just found this photo of my son’s room when our house was on a home tour a few years ago.  

look, no clutter!

to be honest, it looks nothing like this now.  i recently gave him the ok to put up posters and move his furniture around.  but at least i have photos of the good ol' days!  but honestly, these are the good ol' days -- 
messy room and all. 
 i thank God for that boy who messes up his room 
(and cleans it up when i ask him to).  

what a blessing to be called mom. 
and find dirty socks on the floor.  
and wet towels in the closet. 
and basketballs in the middle of the floor 
to trip on in the middle of the night.

i have to remember that a clean and tidy house only reflects that i am busy making my house clean and tidy. 
i'd rather busy myself with more important things...

"as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

joshua 24:15


  1. Hi Ruthie!!
    So good to see you again! :)
    What a wonderful room for your son!
    I'd like about 7 armoires for all my girls' things: make-up, hair bands, shoes, belts, necklaces, books... I hear ya!
    A little over $100?! That is awesome--that is a very versatile piece- a sewing armoire, a craft table, a womanicure table *wink, gift wrapping storage- whew! What a blessing!
    I am so happy you stopped by my home! You are my freighbor--how is that pronounced, by they way?
    I wrote a poem after my Sarah went to college last year that reminds me of this post...she left stuff all over, but I loved it all. It meant that she was here.
    (I cried for 2 weeks, though, LOL!)
    Please have a beautiful, blessed day making your home!
    P.S. I am going to feature you next Monday! :)

  2. Ruthie, I love your post. I'm so glad you joined Leslie's party.

    I can so relate to detesting clutter but am so thankful for the blessing of being a mother and picking up the dirty socks and wet towels. Love, love, love your last paragraph.

    Blessings freighbor. ;)

  3. Oh - this is beautiful, so inviting! I love what you did with that armoire!

    Some days I fuss and fume when I am picking up a stray sock or another decapitated Lego man, but I adore my boys, the big one and the little one! Thanks for the reminder!


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