Sunday, May 19, 2013

Come See What You Missed...

Well, yesterday was the big day.  We didn't have a huge turnout, but we had a nice turnout.  Thank you to all who spent a part of your Saturday with us.   There's always such a wonderful kinship with women who LOVE homes.  So fun to be around all of you!

I wasn't able to run over to Susan's house yesterday, but I know I missed out because everyone who came from her home said it was just beautiful.  I had seen it Friday morning, but all of the final touches were lavished on it Friday night.  Wanted to share a few pictures with you...

Love, love, love this vignette!

Guessing this is a vintage table cloth used as a slipcover.  Charming!
By the way, we were ALL in love with her beach-inspired cottage floors.  We all want them!

Simplicity at its finest...

One of Susan's many cute sitting areas in her yard.  
I may need to stuff that pansy pillow under my shirt one day and hope she doesn't notice!

My parents arrived on Thursday at 3pm.   They worked tirelessly until we opened our front door on Saturday morning.  Who knew I still had that much to do!

My dad took my fountain completely apart and cleaned the inside and the outside.  Who does that?

This crazy guy does!

One of my favorite vignettes in our backyard...

One of my most favorite things to do among all the flowers and beauty.

And what's a spring home tour without an ample supply of cookies and lemonade?
  Thanks, Mom!

I spoke with Laurie from Vintage Garden & Bloom at the end of the day and she said that her store was filled with new customers.  Yay!  That was the plan.  So glad more girls have discovered her cute little store.

So I had prayed that God would direct my steps regarding this day.  Should I or shouldn't I invest my energy (or lack thereof some days) into this home tour?   Does He want me to do this?  Does He have other plans for me?  You know my motto -- not my path, but His.  

Well, I was flooded with peace even despite an emergency ultrasound for a possible blood clot.  Blood clot, shmod clot!  
He very easily answered my prayers by leading me to Susan and her willingness to open her home after another friend of mine decided not to.   He blessed me with an abundance of energy and good health leading up to the event.  And though we didn't have as many girls as we did at our Christmas home tour, I know seeds were sprinkled yesterday.  That was His plan.   

Well, as I look out my back window as I type this, I can see that the many flower pots sitting out in the sun are in need of a drink.  I'm going to grab my hose and go.  

Again, thank you to all who supported our "can't do cancer without God" spring home tour.  You are the best!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home Tour Reminder...

Well, the spring home tour is only two days away.
And come hell or high water, the show must go on!  I was just telling myself that yesterday as I was brought to the hospital for an emergency ultrasound after waking up with a knee so swollen I could barely walk.  My doctor wanted to rule out a blood clot.  They did.  Thank God.  It's just a big, ol' swollen knee cap.   But aint no swollen knee cap going to keep this girl down!  Well, technically, I am down as I'm on ice and crutches.  But God has blessed me with two amazing parents who hopped in their car this morning in Arizona and are headed here to help me get ready for the big day.  Gotta love those two!

Well, thankfully, it's not 104 degrees anymore.  My hydrangeas were wilting terribly last week and I was almost crying.  I had Jake go out in the backyard for me every night and water them.  About an hour later, we'd both look at them and I'd say, "Look!  You saved their lives!"  Their leaves perked right back up after a big hit of water.   My hero!

As I've been adding the final touches to things here and there, I've been praying that you see God in our homes.  That you feel His warmth.  That you're encouraged to draw closer to Him.  That, my friends, is worth driving to the Do-It Center one too many times and hobbling around on crutches.

So, the weather report calls for a beautiful 72 degree day on Saturday.  Perfect.  (As it looks now, I could put my fireplace on!)  But I trust it will be a beautiful day.  Susan, Laurie and I can't wait to see old friends and make new ones.

Again, the time and addresses can be found at

See you on Saturday!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Home Tour!


Well, I can’t seem to stay inside these days.  I find myself in the backyard.  Again and again and again.  I think my backyard is my favorite room of the house.  Spring does that to me.   I love planting more and more impatiens, moving things from here to there and then sitting back and marveling at God’s handiwork.  I’m amazed at the beauty of His roses and the colors on His birds' little chests.  Wow, do I sound like a grandma or what?  Actually, I sound like my grandpa.  My mom’s dad loved all things roses and birds.  I think I got his genes.  Lucky me.

Well, if you love all things backyard, roses and birds too, then please drop by the Christian Girl’s Cottage Spring Home Tour on Saturday, May 18th from 10 am to 4 pm.  Picture our Christmas home tour, but with an emphasis on our gardens, and as always, our faith.   Opening her home this spring, along with ours, is Susan Yokoi, a His Flower Girl alumna, who has an adorable little “cottage” in North Ranch.  You’ll love her garden and I know you will love her kitchen (and her too!)  I could have gone over there and taken pictures to tease you, but I’ll tease you by making you go over and see it for yourself.  It's darling.

So this is the plan for the day.  Start at Susan’s home, then head over to ours and then head over to Vintage Garden and Bloom.  Laurie, the owner of the store and my sweet, new friend, has a treat for you.  For any of you who bring her an old terra cotta or ceramic pot or anything in which you can plant flowers in on the day of the tour, she will take 15% off anything in her store.  And, trust me girlfriends, you’ll want everything in her store!  I blogged about her store  

So mark your calendars for a day of fun and faith.   

Here are the details:

Susan’s address is 4659 Tam O’Shanter Drive, Westlake Village.

Our address is 1608 Brentford Avenue, Westlake Village.  

Vintage Garden and Bloom’s address is 1696 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks.

If you get lost or have any questions, call me on my cell phone at 805.402.9360.  

Can’t wait for you to “stop and smell His roses” with us!
Mark you calendars - Saturday, May 18th.  And feel free to forward this invitation and bring a friend or two!

Our Home Won an Award!

Our Home Won an Award!
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