Thursday, June 20, 2013

His Flower Girls Turn 1!

Be still my heart. 

This morning was our one-year anniversary of His Flower Girls.  
When Donna and I conceived of this "decorating class" last year, we really weren't sure what would come of it.   Maybe a few friends would indulge us and show up.  Maybe we'd hold a class or two and then like so many other things, it would fade off into oblivion.   I think we're both pretty surprised that we actually taught 12 consecutive classes -- and that I was healthy for all 12!  Gotta love it!

In the beginning, we called this a "decorating class."  A way to share with others how I display my faith throughout our home and garden.  We figured we'd have a little lunch, chat a bunch as only girls can do, and then call it a day.   Well.  So not the case!  This little class has turned into a ministry.  A sweet little ministry.  Not only do some girls leave with some decorating tips, they leave with hearts changed.  Maybe they're inspired to spend more time with God, maybe they're inspired to open their homes to others, or maybe they're open to using their gifts in a way they've never done before.  Regardless, it's a beautiful thing to be a part of.

(JoEllen, Tori, Susan, Jonna, Tracy and Chris shared our one-year anniversary with us.  Their fingers are saying, "Class No. 12!")

And I have some shout outs I must shout out!
I thank God for bringing Donna, my teaching partner/best friend, into my life.  I met her as a result of speaking at church about the storms in my life and how I needed God to carry me through them.  He knew that Georgia girl who loved Charles Stanley (like me!) would be out there in the audience on a similar path as myself.  His perfect timing brought us together.  Thrilled that He did.

I thank God for using my home to glorify Him in the lives of others.  (I still get giddy as I know this is such an answer to prayer!)   And I thank God for all of the women I've met as a result of opening our front door.  As I recently read, "My cup runneth over.  So I drink from my saucer."  Well, I'm a drinkin' from my saucer, alright!  God continues to lavish me with His blessings in the form of amazing women I'm fortunate to meet.  And for that I am so very thankful.

I thank my family.  They know what it means when I tell them, "We're having class on Thursday!"  That's code for, "Better clean up that room and everywhere in between by the time those girls get here!"  I thank my daughter for making our tortellini pasta.  She nailed it today!  And I thank my husband who, at 7 am every month, drops off Tucker to day camp so he doesn't eat all of our tortellini.  Or bark at squirrels during our heartfelt testimonies.

And a special shout out to Marti Anderson who attended our very first class.  She continues to bless us with her servant's heart and helping hands each and every month.   From the moment the girls walk into our home, Marti makes sure they all have something to drink and a full plate of food.  She then blesses me by cleaning up our kitchen after our class ends.  When Marti leaves, it looks as if no one was ever here.  I'm able to rest and reflect on all of the morning's beautiful memories -- without having to clean one dish!  Thank you, Marti!

(Me in my "Cindy Crawford" wig and Donna with her real hair!)

So, Lord, what do you have in store for the next year of His Flower Girls?
We wait with bated breath...

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Our Home Won an Award!
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