Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Hour of Fun...

ok, even though i said i would see you next month, why wait?  i have some cute things to show you!  
while my husband took our kids out for the afternoon yesterday, i found myself wandering over to one of my favorite local stores.   i actually never expect to come home with anything because my house needs nothing. 
i repeat nothing.  but that never seems to stop me.
so, for starters, take a look at this. 

i have been looking for something like this for probably five years.  i saw a version of this in a magazine and haven’t been able to forget it.  and with my memory, that’s saying a lot.   they showed this amazing craft/wrapping room, and a wire basket similar to this one holding tall rolls of wrapping paper.  and being a gifter, that made my heart go pitter patter.  but i don’t think mine will hold rolls of wrapping paper because i don’t have an amazing craft/wrapping room.  oh wait. yes, i do -- in my dreams.  so when i decide what function it will serve and, more importantly, where it will go, i’ll let you know.  but in the meantime, it makes me happy.  it was a little pricey, but it was 20% off.  couldn't resist.
five minutes later, i stumbled upon these cute little pins.  $3 each. 

i’ve been thinking of starting a collection of “mom” pins and placing them on a little burlap pillow that i’ll sew.  maybe in october.  but then i saw these, and i thought well, maybe i’ll start a collection of jesus pins too. gotta believe that's not a very hot collectible these days.  i didn’t even know they made them.   
mom and jesus -- the two most important words in my life.
and then i turned the corner and stumbled upon a box of printer’s letters.  i’m sure there’s a fancier name for them, but i don’t know it.  but i do remember using these in seventh grade printing class. i actually remember making horrible clown stationery with my name on it.  but as i recently wrote, i have a thing for letters right now. and for $6 a letter, i couldn’t resist.  
clearly, the "m" saw more ink than the other two.

him -- meaning God.  not ed.  
he'll understand.
and i’m a sucker for old frogs.  especially the green ones.  these were $6 each.  another bargain. but i remember buying 3 for $6 in an antiques store in arroyo grande at christmas.  that made my day.  
some women like to find a tiffany box under the christmas tree.  
i like to find old frogs.
is my husband lucky, or what?
i love putting tiny verses in them and placing them around the house.  
this one sits on our kitchen table:

$6 hydrangea from trader joe's.  
i could have one in every room.  oh wait. 
i do.

and someone i know is turning 52.  when do you ever find a number that says 52?  had to have it.  i think i’ll tie it to the top of his birthday gift. it was $4.

i’m so grateful to have cute little antique stores near me.  i’m finding i want to bring nothing new into my home, but prefer well-loved items that once had a previous life in someone else’s home. 
as i like to say, “out with the new and in with the old.”

and it's even better when i can use those old items
to display my love for God.

see you soon!


  1. LOVE all your new treasures!! You got some great deals! :)

    Can't wait to hear what you do with that basket!



  2. What antique stores do you do to? You know I probably run into you at Trader Joes and we probably eye the same white hydrangeas!! LOL


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