Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally, Spring Flowers...

well, spring officially sprung last week.  i believe it began on march 21st.  and i've been meaning to buy a bunch of spring flowers to sprinkle throughout our house to celebrate.  i just haven't done it yet.
and now i don’t have to.  i spoke again this morning at church.  and when i was done, i was surprised to be handed a sweet bouquet of spring flowers.  guess where they're going?
well, ever since i can remember, i've never just plunked the flowers  down into a vase and called it a day.  nope.  i love to cut them very short and place them in as many jars as i can around our house so that each room has a touch of happy.  
for starters, since i’m always in my kitchen, i love to place flowers beside my sink.  this sweet little rabbit holding a vessel was given to me by our realtor when we bought our house twelve years ago.  and i have treasured it ever since.  and given that i’m always washing my hands and grabbing paper towels, he fits here perfectly.  he's so cute.

by the way, notice my soap and cleaning spray?  i love it!  just recently found these at target for less than half of what i paid for similar products at williams sonoma.  plus i love the look of the labels.  they resemble old-time apothecary bottles.  they’re made by j.r. watkins.  i believe they're less than $4 a piece.
and that “french” flower bucket with a scratch on it holding my paper towels came in a set of three for $15 at costco a couple of years ago.  love it too!
my girlfriend gave me this sweet little jar wrapped in willow for my birthday last year.  and to me, there's nothing better than a sweet jar of flowers sitting by a little lamp.  especially at night.  i apparently have a thing for little lamps. just ask my husband.  i often fall asleep before he gets home from work.  then he has to spend a half an hour turning them all off.  he doesn't have a fondness for little lamps!

and, of course, one of my favorite verses stands in a placecard holder by the jar of flowers:

and under this glass cloche, sits a $1 picture frame from michael's that holds a daily reminder.  the little hands are from a gorgeous website i found called (and the owner is a sweetheart!)

and the same girlfriend who gave me the willow wrapped jar, also gave me this beautiful statue.  she had one on her kitchen island that i always fawned over.  then one day we went to the rose bowl together, and she spied one at the booth ahead of us.  she tried to be sly about it, but i saw it too.  right then and there she bought it as an early birthday gift for me.  gotta love girlfriends!  and it’s sooooo heavy!  trust me, there’s a lot of dust under her toes!

 i took an empty baby food jar and wrapped wire around the neck to make a handle.  so now she can hold a little tuft of flowers in our dining room. 
(i promise you -- the wall color is better in person!  
it looks terrible in this photo.)
here’s another view of this small table in our dining room.  
(just wish that darn thermostat wasn’t there above her head!  
oh, well.)

 i love this little vignette.
i found that tall cubby at a home boutique for $10.  i think it’s suppose to go on the ground, but i like it on the wall.  it's just filled with sweet  nothings.  the floral painting on the left was painted by my mom many years ago.  in fact, it hung in our house while i was growing up. when i went to visit my parents in arizona recently, i told my mom that i wanted one of her paintings to hang in our house.  i picked this one.  i love it.  it nestles in perfectly.  and then there’s the picture of jesus.  ok, this one needs its own close-up and paragraph.

this was sketched BY PENCIL by my sweet friend jamie calvert.  ok, when i saw this for the first time, i about died!  it’s stunning!  i adore everything about it.  a pencil!!!  i can only draw stick figures and sunshines with a pencil!  unbelievable.
i ooo-d and awe-d about this too when i saw it at her house.  then she made me a copy and surprised me by giving it to me for 
my birthday one year.  

she added the verse, 
"be still and know that I am God" to the bottom of it  
just for me. 

(do you see a pattern here?  birthdays, girlfriends, gifts?) 
when is november?

jamie is so gifted that i will feature her gifts on this blog. 
  you should see what she does with chalkboards.  
oh my.   
and finally, there's my little dish of rocks.  

my daughter painted a rock with the word hope on it when i was going through chemo.  see it?  it touched my soul.  soon after, i started making them for a few local cancer centers.  i place them in a dish with a little card that reads "Hope Rocks!"  get it?  i fill the dish with rocks that read hope and sprinkle in a few that read faith.  and i always tuck one or two in that read jesus.  leave it to an eight year old to think of that.  i wouldn’t have.
so this morning was a good morning.  sharing my story with a room full of moms who love the Lord and receiving a sweet bouquet of flowers to sprinkle throughout our home.  
spring symbolizes rebirth.  so does Jesus.  such a special season. 


  1. Oh, Ruthie!
    What a beautiful room with grace-filled vignettes--I am going to have to go find those hands you have- those are amazing and I can think of a few girlfriends who would love those!
    I love that Jesus is your cornerstone and strength!
    It thrills my heart!
    Your place card holder reminds me of the vintage flower frogs I use to hold vintage postcards in my vignettes ;)
    I also have a friend that I could write a chalkboard post about named Ann--I tease her and tell her I'd better keep moving or she'll paint me next ;)
    Thank you for sharing this special spot in your home--I get kinda tired of the "shows" around blogland, and want to see some spaces that honor Christ, too!
    Yours does and it's lovely.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. :) How wonderful that you are doing so well after your challenge with cancer. God is so faithful. I am looking forward to looking at more of your posts.

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog through the sweet Miss Leslie and absolutely love everything I am seeing and reading. Not only is there beauty for the eyes to see but there is nourishment for the soul here as well. :-)
    I'm your newest follower and I hope you will stop by and say hello sometime!

  4. Thank you for visiting Brambly and your kind comment. Your blog is truly inspirational. I love how you framed "pray" in such a lovely way. Have a wonderful day!



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