Friday, May 6, 2011

While I Was Just Looking...

ok, so i don't really need anything.  i just like looking in antique and thrift stores.  but while i was just looking this week, i found some really good stuff! 

come see what i found...

a beautiful platter with a pretty floral detail.
not exactly my shade of sage green, but i still love it.
and for $3.95, i really love it.

i found this wobbly pitcher for $1.  
i can see it filled with sand and an explosion of small flags
for the fourth of july.

i also found this 1970s brown
magazine stand.
i'm going to fix it up a bit and
place it in my dining room window filled 
with a large fern.  it was $8.

who needs an old rusty tackle box?
apparently i do.
i spied this from a distance (because it's 
my shade of green!) and i think i'll 
store my can't do cancer without god
necklace supplies in it for when i'm on the go.

didn't know until i got home that it was still filled with old fishing stuff.
and very, very old bait.  yeck!

found these two darling crystal lamps.
they're sooooo heavy!
$7.99 a piece!
i washed them as they were loaded with dust.
not sure where i'll put them, but i love, love them!
they take a night-light sized bulb.  so sweet!

i'm telling you, i hit the motherload today!

when i found these two curtain panels in perfect shape (and lined too!)
i wanted to scream with excitement.
they will be perfect in my dining room i thought.  i know they don't look like much here, but they're hanging in there right now, and they make me happy.  very happy.  and at $8 each,

and because my photo card is flashing "card full",
i'll have to show you next time my best find of the day.

  it's funny, when i'm on the hunt for something in particular,
 i usually can't find it.  
but when i run into a thrift store just for the heck of it, 
that's when i find gold.  

some would say junk.  i like to say gold.

happy gold digging!

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