Friday, January 13, 2012

January Retreat...

i believe God made this january's weather just for me.
i thought i would be in chicago for treatment this time around, but the Lord allowed me to stay put in california.  and blessed me with a sweet oncologist just minutes from our home.  and given that my body is reacting with fevers and aches unlike last time, it's so comforting to be in your own bed (or hospital bed) than in one across the country.  so all of that to say, i have been enjoying our backyard through this california winter.  all 70 degrees of it.  

my parents and i spruced it up a bit last week.  got rid of a lot of "stuff".  clutter.  junk.  edited, as i like to say.  now i feel complete peace when i sit back and feel God's sun on my face.  and i'm tellin' you - the sun's heat on my face after the chills -- there's nothing like it!

so i'd thought i'd share a few photos.  maybe inspire you to get out there and "edit."  
and find a peaceful retreat.

i just replaced the smaller mirror i had with this larger one.
it used to attach to a dresser and it's been in my garage for five years.  i think it looks better out here.

my sisters gave me this darling birdfeeder this year for christmas.
it's been filled with such an assortment of cuties already.  i love watching birds.  clearly, i'm getting old.

this is my only lemon tree.  i expect an abudance of meyer lemons from this guy this year.

this is tucker's corner.  he's always on the lookout for ...

this guy.

i moved the smaller mirror over to this wall.
ever put a mirror in your backyard?  
try it.  i think you'll love it.

in the winter, i like to plant all white flowers in the backyard.
i especially love kale.  reminds me of new england in the fall.
and that crane was a gift from my husband.  we often see one hanging out on the grass in front of our church.  we named him slim and always hope we spot him whenever we pass it.  

in the winter, most of our backyard is filled with english ivy, boxwood and just a 
touch of accessories. 

i always have a set of panels tied to the columns.
they usually only last a season or two.  then mildew.
when i find cute ones on sale, i stock up so i can put up fresh ones after i throw the old ones away.

one of my favorite spots in the backyard is this little side porch.
just big enough for an old potting table and some flowers.  

an outdoor litter box.
this "garden shed" was handmade by our handyman.  it attaches directly to our house via a doggy door.  so both of the catboxes (we have 3 indoor cats) and their smell is now contained in this darling little shed.  if there's ever a fire, i'm grabbin' this!

well, i hope this inspires you to use your backyard.
to relax. 
to enjoy. 
to give thanks for all that you have.


  1. Ruthie!
    Looks gorgeous! I'm sending you an email about something.

  2. Your backyard looks like such a wonderful retreat. So gorgeous and I love your idea to use mirrors outdoors. It is a very cold blustery day here in Ohio today so I am staying all snugly and warm inside. Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend!

  3. Thank you sharing this special place with you yesterday. It was the only place I wanted and needed to be. XO


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