Friday, March 23, 2012

A Special Rose...

i know, i'm blogging a little too much lately.   i promise to stay away from my computer for a while.  but i had to share this photo with you.

my new friend helen gave me her first rose of the season this morning.  we both have a thing for roses and i always point out all the little buds i see ready to open when i'm over at her house.  well, she gifted me with her first beautiful bloom.

i brought it home and placed it into a little creamer i bought at goodwill this week.  i walked around wondering where it's new home would be and then found the perfect place.  on our dining room table.  i loved it so much, i had to take a photo of it.  then i loved the photo so much that i had to make it my new blog photo.  

the glass cross was a birthday gift from my girlfriend last year.  and i love the rusted, old silverplate platter and mercury glass candlesticks on top of the scratched pine table.   the whole vignette makes my heart skip a beat.  or four.

helen and i share the same diagnosis.  i met her last year at my daughter's school's prayer group.   the first day i attended, she came up to me after class with her warm, beautiful smile and said, "i've been praying for you every day, ruthie.  it's so good to put the name to the face."   well, i just fell in love with her.  helen is in her 70s and is the founder of my daugher's school, bethany christian.  I like to visit with her as often as i can.  

i tell her all the time that i want to be just like her when i grow up.  

so thank you helen for my beautiful rose, and now my beautiful new blog photo.     

I treasure our friendship.

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