Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fresh Sheets...

ok, who loves making beds? 

i kind of do.  and i kind of don't.

i'll be really honest.  when i make a bed, i almost always pretend that i'm making it for my guests who are coming to stay at my bed and breakfast.  i've been making beds for my imaginary guests for about 20 years now.  and if i'm not making the beds for them, i pretend i'm making all the beds in the model home i've just designed.
i'm 44.
i'm weird.
i know. 

i actually don't mind making beds, but what i don't like is getting the sheets out of the linen closet.  just the thought of that makes me want to sleep in my less-than-fresh bed one more night.

 i don't know about yours, but my linen closet rarely stays organized. 
 i do straighten it out (a lot), but it never seems to stay that way. 
 until now.

i took most of my tote bags (i have a thing for tote bags and have way too many of them) and actually put them to good use --
they now hold our many sets of sheets.
i didn't go so far as to label them, although that thought did cross my mind.  :)

so now when i want to change the sheets on our bed, i just grab the cute green and brown damask vinyl tote bag (a pier one find at $2) that holds our set of cream flannel sheets.  no more looking for thee matching pillow case among 17 other pillowcases strewn all over the shelf.

speaking of pillowcases, did you notice we have lots of pillows on our bed?   well, you may be a tad jealous when i tell you that my husband loves them!  he actually wants more on our bed.  like 10 more.  the guy has a thing for pillows.  whenever we check into a hotel, the first thing he does is order more pillows.   all for him.

we have 12 on our bed now.  8 are visible and 4 are hiding.
i'm shocked there's enough room for us to sleep!

me?  i just need one.  one king size feather pillow wrapped beneath a flannel pillowcase.  even in the summer.

ok, so that's just a little tip from my linen closet to yours.  
now the thought of changing sheets is kind of fun, huh?
just grab a tote bag and go.

...go pretend that your imaginary guests from england are arriving soon and 
staying at your b&b for the weekend.  maybe even leave them a little square of chocolate on their pillows.
i know.  
  i'm weird.

but while i have you in my clean bedroom (which it never is), i'll show you around a bit.

sorry.  the lighting is bad with the shutters closed.  the panels are from jc penney.  the wicker chairs are from pier one.  and the table between them is a roadside find.  i grabbed it two seconds before my girlfriend did!

my parents and i used to make and sell these trays.
and i have no idea who that young couple is in that silver frame!

i bought this old dresser from bungalow in agoura.
i love its large glass knobs.

i bought this old dresser at a garage sale on the way
home from a baseball tournament.  i asked a dad i had just met if 
he would drive it home for me in the back of his truck.  he said yes!
(thanks, greg!)

my husband has always bought me hatboxes over the years.
i recently saw a blog (can't remember which one) where she planted summer flowers in her hatboxes.  sooo cute!

this is my goodwill corner.  the oil painting was $3.  the basket on the shelf with the embroidered m was $2 (yes, it holds a fake ivy because a real ivy would get no sunlight at all).  and the large laundry basket in the foreground was $3.
(i'll tell you more about the sweet hand-painted plate on my next post).

i am blessed (as the sign reads) to have a warm bed to crawl into every night.
and am blessed to know the lord jesus as my savior.

now i lay me down to sleep.  i pray the lord my soul to keep.
if i should die before i wake, i pray the lord my soul to take.

when i think of my mom, i think of this prayer.
i think my grandma taught it to her.
i think i need to teach it to my daughter.

right after i change her sheets...

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  1. I enjoyed this so much! I love a bed that's just been made with fresh sheets --- I pretend I'm in a luxurious hotel suite when I crawl in... :)

    That young couple in the silver frame -- looks like a celebrity wedding!! Both so good looking!! :)

    I love the narration of the various "finds" in your room and I LOVE the idea of the sheet sets kept in tote bags!! Genius!

    Hope you are feeling well, pretty lady! :)



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