Thursday, June 23, 2011

His Flowers...

i remember hearing that one of johnny carson’s ex-wives received a $20,000 allowance for fresh flowers each month.  can you imagine?  i don’t even know how you could do that.  no matter how big your house is.  no matter how many parties you throw.  crazy.
i think my monthly allowance is roughly 3 zeroes less than Johnny’s ex-wife.  and it's usually spent at trader joe's.  on white hydrangeas or a cluster of sunflowers.  

but what i love even more is to grab my clippers and head outside.  about 7 am. 
 for His flowers.  

 i love filling my favorite little vases and jars with whatever's in bloom that morning and placing them around our house.  

come take a peek... 

a pink hydrangea and sweet peas by the kitchen sink...

a white hydrangea on our kitchen mantle...

roses in the dining room...

an assortment of old-fashioned flowers
in the family room...

and finally, more sweet peas in the powder room.

all for free.
johnny married the wrong girl.
coulda' saved him millions.

enjoy His flowers.

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