Saturday, April 28, 2012

Full of Surprises...

my mom's birthday was monday.  she turned 77.   no gift would have been big enough to thank her for all the help she (and my dad) have blessed us with since cancer temporarily rearranged my life.  the largest, most beautiful flower arrangement from FTD wouldn't have cut it.  so when my sister and brother-in-law asked me to drive out to arizona to celebrate my mom's birthday with them, i had to say yes.  i actually had a doctor appointment scheduled on her birthday, but i didn't let her know that i rescheduled it so i could surprise her.  

when we arrived at her house, she was at her bible study.  so my dad tucked my sister and brother-in-law away in their office to await her arrival.  after they jumped out and yelled, "surprise!", i then walked into the family room and said, "hey mom, have you changed the sheets in the bedroom?"  her expression said, "what?  you're not suppose to be here!"  
i loved it! 
 i do love surprises.  

my parents live five minutes from laughlin, nevada.  if you've never been there, think vegas on the colorado river.  us girls sit in a row of chairs for say, oh 19 hours, and play keno and draw poker machines.  we rarely get up to go to the bathroom, eat or drink.  we're diehards.  or insane.  one or the other.  all i know, is that i was a big loser. 
but no need to dwell on that part of the trip. 

but on this trip we added a twist.  we went antique shopping.  bullhead city (where my parents live) is an older folk's haven.  so I figured there must be an abudance of goodies in these shops.  And i found a few. 

first off, the prices were so very similar to our prices here.  disheartening.  but i found a booth with 50% off.  i yelled, "bingo!" and i wasn't even in a casino!

i first spied this mirror tucked behind a bunch of old picture frames.  i offered it to my sister first as i thought it would be beautiful in her home.  she had no where to put it (as if I did!), and it really caught my eye.  though i didn't know exactly where it would go, i couldn't pass it up.  it was $55 with 50% off.  yay!
so this $27 mirror found it's way into the corner of our dining room.

looking above me, i spotted a chandelier that was stunning.  i've just recently thought about replacing my candle-lier with a chandelier over my bath tub.  though this one had a broken saucer, it was only $125.  with 50% off!   can you say, "Score!"  and in all honesty, i almost passed on it.  i walked away mumbling, "i don't really need that."  ten minutes later while walking through another antique store, i looked at my mom and said, "you know we need to go back and get that.  because you know me, i will call you when I get home and ask you to drive back there and get it.  and then I won't want to wait until july when you and dad come back and visit to hang that baby."
  so back we went.   
it was $65!

and i couldn't resist getting a picture of gregg, without whom i couldn't exist!

and always on the hunt for something cute to put roses in, i found this little "home sweet home" bucket for $6 and this red transferware sugar bowl for $5. 

but in all honesty, i enjoyed the time at my parents' home more than antique shopping and losing my money on keno.

you see, my parents retired to arizona 20 years ago.  and they brought all of the furniture i grew up with to their new home.  so when i'm there, such fond memories flood my thoughts.  

my mom has had the same coffee table for probably 40 years.  i colored at that table.  i watched i love lucy at that table.  the cups i drink out of when i'm there are the same ones i drank out of when i was 10 years old.  and the sugar is in the same yellow tupperware container it was when we made sugar cookies for christmas in 1977.  there's still a label made from masking tape on it marked "sugar."  hopefully, it's new sugar.  (i'm kidding, mom!)  i know she reads my blog.  

and this cracked me up when i saw it on the side of my parents' fridge.  i painted a bunch of wooden flowers and attached magnets to the back of them when i was probably in seventh grade.  and my mom still uses one!  too funny.

but the best part of all, is the music my parents play throughout their home.  when's the last time you heard debby boone's song, "you light up my life" or sammy davis, jr.'s song "the candyman?"  i feel like i'm in fifth grade all over again. (am i dating myself, or what?)

and each night i went to sleep in their guest bedroom, i was overwhelmed with emotion.  i was so grateful to be well enough to be there.  so grateful to be able to celebrate her birthday with her.  in her home, not mine.  so grateful for the good memories of my childhood that my parents had blessed us with.

between that and a $65 chandelier, i had the time of my life.
thanks, mom, for a great trip. 
 i hope to do it all over again on your 78th.
(by the way, does this lady look like she's 77?  i think not!)

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  1. OMGosh soo fun! I love your story and your goodies!!


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