Saturday, June 2, 2012

about five years ago, i wrote four thoughts down on a piece of paper and tacked it to my bulletin board.   
my house, my garden, my kids, a charity.    

 “not sure how you’re gonna do this, Lord, but i want to glorify you.  and i hope these four things are involved.”
well, surprise, surprise.  
 a few months ago, i was sitting at our kitchen counter with my girlfriend donna.  we were talking about the bible studies and ministries we were planning on getting involved in after summer.  there was an outside chance that we could teach a bible study together, but given that we’re so green in that department, i came up with another idea.  
“what do you say about teaching a class together called 
his flower girls -- sprinkling seeds of faith throughout your home and garden?”  

her response?  “i’m in.”    

well, that was easy.  
i told her that we both have a passion for bringing God into our homes.  and that it would be fun to share that passion with others.  
she said, “it’ll be so easy -- we’ll just be bringing the chistian girl’s cottage blog to life.”
we agreed that she and rachel would prepare the goodies (can’t teach a class without yummy food!) and that we’d teach the same class to a different group of girls each month.
brilliant, i thought.  

and although we thought it was brilliant, we both decided to still pray about it.  well, just thirty minutes after she had left my house, i found a gift on my front porch.  a friend had just happened to drop off an old printer’s block with the number 5 on it and a little card that read, “thank you for blessing me with your blogs.”   well, you know the significance of the number five to me, right?  it symbolizes our family of four plus God, and i like to display that number throughout our home for all to see.  that gift, plus the words on the card, made me believe we received the answer to our prayer.
class was in session!
so we’ve been busy meeting these last two weeks and discussing all of the details.  we’re so excited!  our goal is to teach other moms how to display their love for the Lord throughout their homes and gardens.  the class will emphasize creative and budget-friendly ways of decorating and accessorizing their homes as well as feature organizational tips as well.   we’ll close the class by encouraging these moms to find their gifts and use them to bless others.  we aren’t going to charge for the class, but are asking for a small donation to my charity (i prefer the word ministry) “can’t do cancer without God.”  
so looking back at my list, i think God covered all my bases.
  is the Guy good or what?
when we grow huge and need to move our classes to hotel conference rooms, my son jake will help set up chairs.  :)

so if you’d be interested in hanging out with us girls one saturday morning, let us know.  we can’t wait to help sprinkle some seeds of faith throughout your home and garden! 

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  1. I so wish to be a part of this, but I am far away in Michigan.


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