Sunday, June 24, 2012

The 2 Grand Reveal...

well, my little project is now complete.  and we're lovin' it.  (notice I said "we're" -- that means my husband too.)

on my last post, i mentioned that i stumbled upon a 50% off sale at the salvation army two weeks ago.  and before i did, i was "this close" to pulling the trigger on a very expensive piece from pottery barn to put in our bedroom.  i HATE spending lots of money on stuff, but given that we're holding classes in our home now (and going into each and every room) and my health isn't extremely reliable right now, i thought i would just take the plunge and buy something that i knew would look good.  i wouldn't have had any fun buying it though because this girl likes to do things the hard way -- like hiring a delivery guy who doesn't bring a partner to help him lug the 400-pound piece up the stairs, buying the right color of paint but the wrong type of finish and driving around town for 3 days attempting to find the perfect handles with a three, not a three and a half inch, span.  but i digress.

so this is the piece from pottery barn that i had my eye on, minus the two tall cabinets on each side and the hutch across the top with the cubbies. (and also minus the perfect sunlight that's streaming in from the right hand side of the room.)

stunning?  yes.
pricey?  yes.
and remember, i would have only bought the bottom part: 
the tv stand and the two small cabinets on each side 
for a whopping $2,500. add the top part, and you're looking at close to 4 grand for the whole unit.  just absurd, in my opinion.

oh, and before i continue, my husband really thinks needs lots of storage.  and the above piece does't even fit that bill.

but look what does!

don't you just love it's orange-y pine color and unattractive center cabinet doors?  isn't the fact that it's missing one handle just charming? (see right side, third drawer down.)

don't you just love the hibiscus flowers on the doors?
and doesn't it just look lovely on our wall?

but then enter gregg, the wonder(handy)man...

and ta da...

a new coat of white paint, new center knobs, a roll of chicken wire, a shot of spray paint and a scrap of toile fabric.
 be still my heart. 
and my wallet.

as gregg was finishing up and i was putting the handles back on, i mentined to him that the center cabinet doors were still not cute, even though they were now white.  i asked him if he could cut them out.  he did one better.  he popped them out with his putty knife and a little muscle.  

it made all the difference.
i added some chicken wire (sprayed a dingy gold) and some yellow and white toile fabric.

the glass knobs are from anthropologie.  i decided to keep the original handles on because i knew that these two would tie them all together and i wouldn't have to buy 16 new ones.  
(as i was stapling the chicken wire in, the two cross bars popped off and need to be glued back in.)  
pretend you don't notice that.  

to round out the look, i stole the wood clothes rod out of my daughter's closet (that she's never used), matching brackets i just happened to have (yes, dad, you're right -- don't throw every thing away just 'cus you don't need it right now), and the quilt from the end of my bed.  the two lamps were recent snags from tuesday morning at $16 each.

and the price of this sweet little addition?

dresser: $94
delivery charge: $45
(plus a $25 gift card for my neighbor who helped our "delivery man" deliver it by himself)
handyman services: $200
knobs: $9
chicken wire: $4
spray paint: free (had it)
fabric: free (had it)
for a grand total of: $377

now, if i had the oomph to paint, a husband with a strong back and hadn't gotten rid of our minivan, i would have saved $270.  but considering i saved the guy close to two grand, i still consider this a bargain.  

so take that, pottery barn!
oh, and this piece has 12 drawers (4 more behind the doors)
and, yes only 15 handles.  but i'll be scouring flea markets and thrift stores across america to find a match.
and i actually look forward to that!

so the moral of the story?  never not buy something because of the color.  never!  if it has good lines and it's a great price, then grab it.  because a quart of paint and a little creativity can really turn something yucky into something yummy.  

as my handyman said when he was leaving, "yep -- it turned out really nice.  now your bedroom is nice and inviting."

and that's what i've always wanted -- a bedroom that is nice and inviting -- to all who enter.  
wink wink.

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