Friday, June 29, 2012

Forever Grateful...

late last night, my daughter saw a man putting american flags into all of the frontyards in our neighborhood.  how thoughtful, i thought.  wish they would stay there all year long.  

so those little flags made me get out some of my fourth of july goodies this afternoon and add a few more touches to our frontyard.  i want everyone who drives by our home to know that our family is so very, very grateful to each and every man and woman who has and is now serving our beloved country.
we cannot say "thank you" enough.

my favorite thing to decorate in our frontyard is the old desk that sits by our front door.  i bought it for $4 at a thrift store.  it was your typical dark brown 70s desk with brass knobs.  so i threw a coat of white paint on it and a few glass handles from target.  i was actually pulling it out of my daughter's room one day and heading into the garage to store it.  but because i was so weak, i rested for a second on the front porch. i then looked at its dimensions and thought, hey, you're staying right here.  it fit perfectly!  and for $4, i'm not too concerned if it gets a little too wet.

i saw this melamine plate in a magazine a few years ago and just fell in love with it.  the following year, i stumbled upon it at homegoods i think.  i did a happy dance!  and i can't resist spelling words out of vintage blocks and letters.

i found this sweet little handmade pillow at an antiques store for a song.  but i need to keep my eyes open for a cute little red cushion for my chair for next year.  the black's not cuttin' it.

and you can never have too many flags tucked into your garden...

the only bummer about decorating for the fourth of july is that you feel like you've got to take it all down by the fifth of july.  but i'm thinkin' i'm not gonna do it. 
 i might leave it up all summer long.
to me, american flags scream summer. 
and swimming.  
and watermelons. 
 and being forever grateful.  

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