Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God's Beautiful Bouquet...

it's been just four days since our first His Flower Girls class.
and those little seeds have already taken root and produced a beautiful bouquet!

let me explain...
i received a text this morning from a friend who attended the class.
"call me when you have a sec.  good news!" 

well, i just got off the phone with her and had to share the good news.
so in addition to walking around our home and pointing out ways to bring God into each room, we also talked about leaving little gifts on our friends' porches.  maybe they're sick, recovering from surgery, or just struggling with something in their life.

so after leaving the class, my friend said she was inspired to pick up a few small gifts and start delivering them to a few of her friends.
well, in doing so, she lead one of her friends to the Lord!
she arrived at her friend's house.  gave her the gift.  they chatted on her porch.  she asked if she could pray with her about a few challenges she's having.  and minutes later, she received Jesus into her heart.

ok, and to think donna and i thought this would just be a decorating class!
silly us!
we should remember that amazing things happen when God's involved.

there's more to my friend's story, but the bottom line is this:
just obey.
obey God.  listen for His voice.  and follow His gentle nudge.
to think that this woman will now have a relationship with Jesus and spend eternity with our Lord all because a few of us girls obeyed God's tug at our own hearts, well, it just floors me.  well, it really doesn't.  because i know God is amazing and is always busy doing things we don't always know He's doing.

as i like to say, the Guy is good!
and we're so excited to keep sprinkling those seeds!!!
come join us!

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