Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Seeds Have Been Sprinkled...

well, what fun!  

as you can see, today was our very first class.
we straightened up the house, prepared some yummy food, put the cats in the laundry room and opened up our front door to welcome our very first class of 
"his flower girls."  and, of course, we had to put on our very cute t-shirts too!
(our fingers are saying, "it's the first class!") but i think donna and i need to wear a little bit more lipstick and blush at 10 o'clock in the morning!  

God had blessed us with a beautiful day and a home filled with beautiful women who were excited to learn about sprinkling seeds of faith throughout their home and garden.  

we began our morning in the family room.  we introduced ourselves and introduced the women we had invited.  and prayed that God would bless our time together.  we then handed the ladies some clipboards we made so they could jot down any notes they may have while walking room to room.

we then gave them a tour of the downstairs.  we walked through the entry, kitchen, dining room, family room and den.  i pointed out a few of the signs i've collected over the years and a few of the verses that i've recently framed.  we also shared how to make sweet little flower arrangements to share with others.  

then we headed upstairs to the master bedroom and bath, and to jake and rachel's rooms  -- which by the way, were spotless -- a small perk to opening up your home once a month to show others!  

while i was upstairs showing everyone around, donna and kelly were busy downstairs putting the final touches on our lunch.   after we ate, we all gathered in the backyard and chatted about the gifts God has given each one of us.  we  reminded them that there is no gift that is too small or too insignificant for God to use to bless others.   we then handed each of them a momento of their day to remind them that they are, in deed, a gift and to use their talents and abilities to bless others.  

our day ended with hugs and new friendships.  it was three hours of bliss.  we've already planned the date for our next class.  want to join us?
and just to clarify, we meet just once, on a saturday morning.  i think some of you thought it was a class that ran all summer long.  nope.  just one saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.  

but you can linger as long as you like... 


  1. Ruthie,
    I'm so glad your first class went so well. I knew it would be a sure success! Being in Colorado, I was not able to come. LOL! But was wondering if you could post pictures of some of your ideas for making our homes an inspiration for God and those we love so much.
    Thank you for another great blog. It has started my week out on a high note.

  2. I was praying for your first class Saturday am. I wish I could have been there to hear you talk about His Word. I have started placing things in my home since my visit to California. Ruthie thanks for being there for my sister. I just love to hear her stories about the visits she has with you. Have a great week.

    Sheryl (from GA)


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