Sunday, August 26, 2012

Continuing to Sprinkle Seeds of Faith...

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!   I just wanted to share what a special weekend we had.

Friday morning started with my fourth treatment.  On this new drug, I’m good for a couple of days before the fatigue sets in.  So after leaving the doctor’s office, I headed home to get ready for our third and fourth classes of His Flower Girls.   This is the first month we did them back to back.  We held one on Friday night and then again on Saturday morning.  We hosted 12 new girls.  It was a blessed time together, to say the least. 

I’m telling you, when God’s hand is on an idea, a project, a “thing” - just get ready to sit back and marvel at His handiwork.   It is beyond thrilling for us to continue to plant seeds of faith in the lives of these women.  We’re not only giddy before every class, but our tears come each and every time as we share our testimonies with our old and new friends.  We now have a Kleenex box on the table as part of the decor.  And believe me, it is used!

Friday night’s group (our third class) was very special to me.  Most were cherished friends from my daughter’s school.  And the others, I'm sure, are soon-to-be cherished friends too.  

Saturday morning’s group (our fourth class) was so very special too.  All I can say is that God continues to fill our home each month with amazing, beautiful women.

And just to let you know, we've made a few little additions to our classes this month. 
For instance, meet Marti.

She attended our very first class.  When we gathered to talk about our gifts, she humbly said, "I don't know what my gifts are."  Then quietly added, "I just love to serve."   
Well, this woman has the heart of Jesus.  She, along with a few others, gathers on Friday mornings to assemble our church's bulletins (all 3,000 of them!).  
Her passion is using her hands for the Lord.   
Well, we weren't going to let this sweet lady get away from us without her joining our team.  So we ordered her a t-shirt and made it official!  We can always use another pair of serving hands.

Another little addition to our class is nepotism. Yes, you read that right.  My sister Robin and Donna's sister Sandy have asked to be our prayer warriors for our class.  
We email them a list of the girls who are 
attending an upcoming class and they pray for them.  They're thrilled to use their gift of prayer for anyone who needs it.  24/7.

Donna's sister Sandy

My sister Robin

And we have another addition too.  
A boutique!  

After the first class, my girlfriend suggested that we begin selling a few of the items that I've made and have in my home.  Why didn't I think of that?  Well, as Dionne Warwick likes to sing, "That's what friends are for."

Come take a peek at our boutique:

Words of faith.
Scrabble tiles either placed on their wooden stands (so cute in the family room) or on small plates full of sand (so cute on the porch or patio).

Chalkboards made from well-loved frames.  
I want to keep them all!

And remember those old shoe molds (circa 1910) I found in New York?  Well, I added a vintage-inspired tag that reads, "walk by faith."  I use them as doorstops, paperweights, or simply as a beautiful reminder to do just that --
walk by faith.

And does anyone remember these?
My parents and I made these vintage-inspired trays over five years ago.  Well, here they are again.  

And though we give out "can't do cancer without God" necklaces to those living with cancer, we also make "can't do life without God" necklaces too.  Such a conversation piece.  Don't ya think?

After just two classes, we've sold over $700 worth of items.  
We thank each and every one of you who either purchased a gift for yourself or for a friend.  Because we're thrilled to put this money right back into our ministries, "can't do cancer without God" and "His Flower Girls."

So let us know if you want to grab a friend and join us for a future class.  We've already begun planning next month's class, and have a few more special additions up our sleeves.

Love and thank you all!


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