Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Inspired Home...

Right before my daughter's school let out for summer, I was asked to help decorate for their Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  I shared the duties with another Mom from my daughter's fourth grade class that I barely knew.  Well, not only did God bless my daughter with a wonderful new friend (her daughter), but He also blessed me with a wonderful new friend, Teri Sangster.

My new friend has so many qualities that I admire.  She loves the Lord, is a great Mom, an amazing decorator, knows how to whip up meals from her sweet little garden and always such an encourager. 

I also loved finding out that she's a professional organizer.  Well, who doesn't want a friend like that?

Well, I hired her as a Father's Day gift for my husband.  Let's just say that I'm extremely thankful for the door that conceals his home office.  During our His Flower Girls classes, I open the door to his office and say, "Ladies, this is a cautionary tale.  See what happens when you don't know where to put your papers and bills and files and ...."  
Bottom line -- I think there's carpet in there.  I wouldn't know because I haven't seen it in seven years.  I digress.

Shockingly, he wasn't as thrilled with my gift as I thought he would be.  So I asked her to tackle our garage instead.  Lucky me.

Like you, we have way too many baseball bats, soccer balls, ice chests, holiday decorations and extra furniture that has made their way into our three-car garage that can barely house one car.  And you can only get into the one car if you suck in your gut and step over the multitude of Arrowhead water bottles that are stacked haphazardly beside the passenger door.  

Teri's vision was to flip flop my storage arrangement.  All sports on one side and a "cute" little side on the other.  For moi.  Well, be still my heart.

She said, "Let's give you a cute little work room."  Well, is she a mind reader too?  I've always wanted a cute little work room.  But where?  Apparently, right under my own nose.

In less than four hours, she transformed my garage into a room of function and beauty.  And mind you, she's all of 5'4, and she did all the heavy lifting herself.  In 90 degree weather.

She moved everything out.  And everything back in.  And just like on tv, I walked out to see a new and absolutely improved garage -- and a cute work room too!  Just like she promised.  And not only did she organize it, but she decorated it too!  Who does that?

And this new work room couldn't have come at a better time as we're beginning to hold boutiques after our His Flower Girl classes and I need all the cute storage I can get!

Here are a few pix of my new hangout:

She pulled out the table that's been in the back of the garage for 13 years.  It now holds our vintage-inspired trays awaiting glass feet.

She found a perfect spot for our old frames we collect and turn into chalkboards.
(Notice that basket of old shoe forms?  That's what was in those two boxes shipped back to me from New York.)  I have big plans for those!

She put my two old book shelves together to make a beautifully arranged display of all the containers I collect to fill with flowers and drop off to friends.  I didn't arrange all these items in these -- she did!

I never want to come out of the garage!
And did I mention, we bought nothing to re-arrange our garage?  She simply used what we had.  

I promised Teri I would blog about her business, InspiredHome.Me, as her services and friendship could benefit so many.  Not only does she tackle frightening garages, but she'll bring peace and order to your kitchen/office desks, junk drawers, out-of-control pantries, over-filled closets and every room in your home that's been neglected and causes frustration.  Have any of those?

I recently told a friend, "For as little as two meals at In-n-Out Burger for a family of four, Teri can change your life!"  Well, at least change your attitude about being in your home.  Her motto is, "Simplify.  Organize.  Live!"  
And that's what I'm doing in my new garage!

Thank you, my friend!
And oh, by the way, my friend is running an introductory special:
$49 for two hours.  Better than a double-double burger, fries and a chocolate shake!

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